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Proofreading vs. Editing: Two Elements of Superior Publishing


corrected examAlthough often confused with editing, proofreading is a different task that takes place at a different time during the publication process. While editing can be incorporated into the overall writing and submission activity, proofreading is always done as a final step immediately before publishing in order to catch all of the errors and mistakes in a document before it is committed to print.

Proofreading vs. Editing
Proofreading is concerned primarily with correcting errors, especially those that can materially impact the meaning or value of a final printed product. As a result, it should be performed last in the series of tasks associated with publishing in order to ensure that no last minute errors are omitted or overlooked in the proofreading process. One major difference in proofreading vs. editing is that editing is typically concerned with contextual and factual changes, while proofreading solely focuses on grammar, style, punctuation and spelling. A talented proofreader may return a document to the editor with questions about the content; for instance, an improbable numerical figure may be questioned. However, the proofreader does not make these changes without confirmation from the author or editor.

Unsure if you need proofreading services or editing services? Simply ask us. We would be happy to take a look at your documents for free and let you know.

Proofreading Services
While most word processing software incorporates rudimentary grammar and spell check tools, these programs are no substitute for an accurate and professional proofreading service. Spell check programs typically produce a great deal of false positives that can confuse or annoy writers. Additionally, in advanced grammar and spell check software, the line between proofreading vs. editing can become blurred and the author may waste time determining which suggestions are valid and which are simply the result of misapplied rules within the software’s algorithms. Misused words can also be missed by these programs; for example, the use of the word “their” instead of “there” may pass unnoticed and make it to the final published form. Professional proofreaders can identify these errors quickly and far more accurately than any computerized method currently available.

Editing Services
Both during and after the first draft is complete, editing services can provide useful fact-check and overall style suggestions that can significantly improve the quality and flow of the final result. While some editing services also include proofreading, they typically do not incorporate this step into the earlier stages of the process, since it is likely that additional errors will crop up later. It is more efficient to simply edit the work for publication before the proofreading process, rather than incorporating proofreading throughout all stages of writing and editing. Editors offer guidance on stylistic changes, additions and omissions, and factual items that can significantly affect the credibility and salability of the work.

The Value of Proofreading vs. Editing
Ultimately, both editing and proofreading are essential steps in the publishing process and both are necessary in order to produce a polished and coherent final piece for print. Professional editing and proofreading services offer authors and publishers the best of both worlds by providing the services they need for optimal profitability while ensuring the quality of the finished work for end users.