ESL Proofreading and Editing

Team Snapshot

Allie Hinman
Client services. University of Michigan graduate.

Luke Palder
Founder.  Yale graduate.  As detail-oriented as they come.

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Our Clients Say...

"You did an excellent and professional job, and at such a reasonable rate. You really helped me out. I was really impressed. I will use you again, for sure."

- Jeanne Fiedler, Novelist

“How absolutely ideal. Are there any better words than ‘ahead of deadline’? Thank you for a professional and productive service. I am impressed and excited to count you as a new resource.”

- Claudia Irving, Art Part Brand

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[email protected]

1-800-49-CORRECT (1-800-492-6773)

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  • Two proofreaders review every document.
  • No extra charges for complex terminology, PDFs, ESL, etc.
  • Hundreds of authors have trusted us with their important documents.
  • Free samples are available.

Precise, Fast ESL Proofreading and Editing

Capitalize on the benefits of the professional ESL proofreading services offered by ProofreadingServices.Us.

Just because you’re not a native English writer doesn’t mean you have to sound like a non-native English writer. Allowing our professional ESL proofreading experts to proofread your written documents will help improve the clarity of your writing and give you a competitive edge over other ESL writers.

In today’s society, people unfairly base their judgments about others’ intelligence and competence largely on the quality of the documents they write. In order to maximize your chances of academic and professional success in the English-speaking world, your documents need to be written in proper, proofread English.

The highly trained, experienced ESL proofreading experts at ProofreadingServices.Us are here to help. Many of our professional proofreaders are retired English professors and spent years grading and correcting the writing of university students. Other members of our proofreading team had long careers as newspaper editors and proofreaders, during which they thoroughly reviewed articles before they were published in newspapers.

When it comes to ESL proofreading, our professional proofreaders know what they are doing and they are ready to do for your documents what they have done for countless other documents: proofread them for spelling, grammatical, formatting and other errors so that they look great.

You’ll get top quality ESL proofreading expertise without paying a lot of money. You’ll be surprised at just how affordable our professional ESL proofreading services are. You’ll pay just 1.3 cents per word (only $3.25 per 250-word page) to have your documents proofread by expert proofreaders who know how to help you make your writing look its best.

Payment can be made easily online and we can have one of our professional proofreaders begin your ESL proofreading project just hours after we receive your payment and documents.

Take advantage of the high quality proofreading services offered by ProofreadingServices.Us today. To send us your documents or ask questions, visit this page.

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